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Dental Crowns & Bridge – Wylie, TX

Restore a Healthy, Functional Smile Today!

dental crowns

Despite your best efforts, do you have damaged or missing teeth? Each compromised tooth significantly impacts your oral health and your quality of life. At Trusted Dental Care, we can rebuild your smile with a bridge or dental crowns in Wylie. Our dental office embraces the latest innovations in dentistry to restore a healthy, functional smile with solutions catering to your individual needs.

What are Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns hold a commonplace in restorative dentistry to restore a tooth’s health, function, and appearance. By placing the protective cap over the entire visible surface of a damaged tooth down to the gum line, it improves its integrity to prevent the need for extraction. Crowns are commonly used in combination with other treatments, like root canal therapy or a dental bridge. Now, they are made from all-ceramic material, which allows them to be customized to match the appearance of your natural teeth to blend in seamlessly when you smile.

Do I Need a Crown?

model of a dental crown

Crowns are very versatile, allowing them to aid the treatment of several issues, including:

What is the Process?

After an initial consultation with your dentist in Wylie, you are scheduled for your procedure. Any areas of damage are removed, and your tooth is reshaped. We take a digital impression of your tooth to get the specifics we need to craft your restoration to match your exact needs. It can take the dental lab a couple of weeks to make it with precision, so we will attach a temporary one in the meantime. After it is ready, you return to our office to have your permanent crown bonded in place.

What is a Fixed Bridge?

dental bridge

A fixed bridge is the most traditional treatment to replace one to three missing teeth in a row. An impression is taken to create a bridge of prosthetic teeth that are customized to match your natural teeth. It is then held in place by attaching custom-made dental crowns to your adjacent teeth.

Do I Need a Bridge?

If you want a nonsurgical solution to replace your missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the answer for you; however, your adjacent teeth must be able to support the appliance. We perform a comprehensive consultation to ensure you are a candidate for the treatment.

What is the Process?

model of dental bridge

We take a digital impression of your mouth to get the exact measurements necessary to design your bridge. Besides the color, the size and the shape of the prosthetic teeth are customized to match your natural ones. The dental lab carefully creates the bridge from high-quality material to provide natural-looking results. Your adjacent teeth are also reshaped to allow the dental crowns to be fitted over them after your bridge is ready to be bonded in place.

Rebuild Your Smile Today!

Trusted Dental Care has the solutions you need to rebuild your smile. Do not let damaged or missing teeth impact your quality of life any longer. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.